Next Generation Cat® Equipment Sets New Standard In Productivity

The next generation of Cat® equipment is here, ready to boost job site productivity levels everywhere.

Innovative technology is redefining what you, the customer, should expect from dozers, motor graders, excavators, mini excavators, and more. You should expect technology that provides better fuel efficiency on machines with significantly fewer rotating parts, which results in less wear and longer engine life.

It’s technology you’ll only find on Next Generation Cat machinery.

This is not simply new technology available on new equipment – these capabilities can be retrofitted to older machinery to update them to like-new status.

Next Generation Cat Dozers

Move earth easier and cheaper with the new D6 and D6 XE Cat dozers. New technology helps boost productivity by up to 50% while improving fuel efficiency by up to 35%. The D6 – getting its first redesign in decades – offers a 215-hp (161-kW) Cat C9.3B engine and 4-speed fully automatic transmission. The D6 XE features an even more efficient electric drive system, featuring a C9.3B engine and an impressive 90% fewer rotating parts than a traditional powertrain. Both models significantly reduce ground pressure to help operators work in softer soils.

Customers get further savings with the machines’ easy service access, reliable fuel system, and a standard reversing fan to cut cleanup time – all combining to cut maintenance costs by up to 12%. Operator visibility also gets a boost thanks to 15% more glass area.

Next Generation Motor Graders

The Cat 120 and 140 motor graders offer a broader range of options to allow for customizations to both the operation and operator. These options include drive systems and control styles.

The 120 has two cab options, which vary based on the control system selected. The familiar Cat joystick control system keeps the angled cab, while the returning steering wheel/levers – back due to customer request –  features a square cab.

Another customer request was to make the new 120 lighter than its predecessor, the 120M2. Mission accomplished, as the new model weighs in at 4,000 pounds lighter due to frame and cab modifications. The 140 is a technological breakthrough, with its next generation Grade technology, which uses two IMUs (inertial measurement units) in place of liquid-filled sensors. One of the IMUs is located behind the blade on a torque tube, allowing both blade slope and pitch. 

Next Generation Excavators

Cat’s new 320 and 323 excavators find innovative ways of delivering more power while increasing operator efficiency and lowering fuel and maintenance costs.

“We’re continuing to innovate beyond what we introduced one year ago [with the 320 and 323 excavators],” said Brian Stellbrink, Cat Product Application Specialist. “By using the base machine and the electrohydraulic system, we’re able to continue to offer new features via software that are available for the new 330 and 336 excavators from the start. But maybe more importantly, these new features through software can be applied to a machine that was put into the field 12 months ago.”

The 330 and 336 – both available in simplified GC versions – increase operating efficiency by up to 45% due to Integrated Cat Connect technology. Their simplified electrohydraulic system helps lower maintenance costs by up to 20%, while decreasing the number of fittings reduces the amount of hydraulic oil and leaks experienced.

One way the new machines improve the operator experience is with a Lift Assist feature, which provides real-time information on the weight of the material being lifted and the machine’s safe working limits. These software updates can be performed remotely.

Next Generation Mini Excavators

Cat turned to customers for inspiration on the 10 new Next Generation Mini Excavators, available in 1-2-ton and 7-10 ton models. In doing so, we came up with a lineup of operator-focused features that work to maximize production, while never straying from other factors that matter to you: safety, comfort, and convenience.

The machines each offer a selection of basic configurations, allowing customers to choose equipment that best suits their frequent applications.

One of the most exciting features of the mini excavators is their stick steer system, which allows operators to switch from a lever/foot-pedal steering system to joystick control. This versatility allows for better control with an ease not found in other machines.

Regardless of the work you’re doing, Carter Machinery has the machine for you.

Contact a sales representative to learn more about how the Next Generation Cat Equipment can help you work better.