Boom Lift for Rent

Straight mast boom lifts, or cherry pickers, hoist workers up to 80 feet in the air, where they can easily adjust heights to complete their work. They are ideal for tree trimming, utility companies, and those working on tall structures. These machines also have 4×4 capabilities to easily maneuver over bumpy terrain.


Straight Boom Lift available for rent

Boom Lifts Available for Rent:

34′ Model13,980 lbs.Diesel
40′ Model14,520 lbs.Diesel
45′ Model16,600 lbs.Diesel
60′ Model22,900 lbs.Diesel
65′ Model29,281 lbs.Diesel
80′ Model33,030 lbs.Diesel
85′ Model36,888 lbs.Diesel
120′ Model40,900 lbs.Diesel
125′ Model45,636 lbs.Diesel
135′ Model45,000 lbs.Diesel
150′ Model48,000 lbs.Diesel
185′ Model60,300 lbs.Diesel

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