Cat Microgrid Solutions

A microgrid is a small energy system capable of balancing captive supply and demand resources to maintain stable service within a defined boundary. This growing independent power grid system can be disconnected from the primary system and operate autonomously, to help migrate power disruption and sustain critical systems. Cat® Microgrids combine our legendary reliability with a scalable system built to meet your needs.

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Microgrids provide clean, cost-effective electricity to keep your industries producing, communities developing, and people connected. Cat Microgrids are fully customizable and scalable to meet your power needs today and for future expansions. Experience these benefits from a microgrid solution:

  • Reduce your fuel expenses
  • Decrease emissions
  • Lower the cost of ownership
  • Power your needs from 10kw to 100MW

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Microgrids are defined by their function, not their size, and can be further described by one of five categories:

  • Off-grid microgrids including islands, remote sites, and other microgrid systems not connected to a local utility network
  • Campus microgrids including university and corporate campuses, prisons, and military bases are fully interconnected with a local utility grid, but can also maintain some level of service in isolation from the grid, such as during a utility outage
  • Community microgrids are integrated into utility networks and serve multiple customers or services within a community, generally to provide resilient power for vital community assets.
  • District energy microgrids provide electricity as well as thermal energy for heating (and cooling) of multiple facilities
  • Nanogrids are a single building or energy domain comprised of the smallest discrete network units with the capability to operate independently