When you need a hydraulic component repair, it pays to have a reliable local source such as Carter Machinery. We’re committed to making hydraulic repairs economical by cutting costs without cutting corners. We’ve done that with investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technology that enable us to precisely diagnose, repair, and test your hydraulic components. Carter does all hydraulic work at our in-house specialty hydraulic repair shops with expertly trained technicians..


With the latest in tooling and more than 30 dedicated hydraulic technicians, Carter Machinery repairs, rebuilds, and replaces hydraulic cylinders for all makes and models. From earthmoving equipment…

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Hydraulic cylinders being worked on


Because turnaround time is a focus for our customers, it’s a focus for us. We now have the ability to chrome hydraulic cylinder rods in our chrome shop so we can get your machine back up and running…

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Carter Cat employee in a white hazmat suit performing a service

Pumps, Motors, & Valves

At Carter Machinery, we service various makes and models for all pumps, motors, and valves. Our repair options give you the ability to choose what level of repair…

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A person with gray gloves on working with motor valves

Hose, Couplings, & Fittings

We have the capabilities to make custom-made hydraulic hoses for any make or model. Caterpillar® is the only heavy equipment manufacturer…

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Hydraulics Troubleshooting

When your hydraulic system goes down, it’s important to not only repair your system, but also determine the cause of the problem. Throughout the entire rebuild…

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A Carter Cat employee troubleshooting hydraulics