Caterpillar Warranty


A standard factory warranty is a guarantee from Caterpillar® that a machine will be free from any workmanship defect. It is the most comprehensive type of coverage and covers all Cat® components. All Cat machines automatically come with this warranty. The standard factory warranty is typically a 12-month term. Some machines (mini excavators, skid steer loaders, and compact track loaders) get a 24-month term.

What Does Standard Warranty Cover?

Warranty only covers failures caused by a defect in material or workmanship. It does not cover normal application or accelerated wear. For example, nicks, cuts, and chunking in rubber tires is not caused by manufacturing defect and is not covered. Delamination (smooth separation of rubber from the wheel), within 250 hours of use, does indicate a defect in workmanship and is likely covered under warranty. Every warranty claim is unique and may require inspection or investigation by Carter Machinery.

Some examples of items not covered by warranty:

  • Components covered by another manufacturer’s warranty: Prentice heads, Tyco Fire Suppression, etc.
  • Items covered by another Caterpillar® warranty: batteries, Cat® work tools, rubber tracks, etc.
  • Unauthorized modifications (never modify a machine’s ROPS)
  • Damages caused by operator abuse or lack of maintenance


An Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) is an optional insurance product sold by Cat® Financial that also protects against defects in workmanship. An EPP becomes active on the day that standard warranty coverage expires. There are different levels of EPP.

  • Powertrain – This coverage protects many components in the engine, transmission, torque converter, transfer case, and drivetrain.
  • Powertrain and Hydraulics – This coverage protects components in steering and implement control in addition to powertrain coverage.
  • Powertrain, Hydraulics, and Technology – This coverage is our most popular offering. In fact, Carter Machinery covers its own rental fleet with this level of protection. It covers many Cat® Connect Technology components – Compact, Grade, Payload, and Link components in addition to powertrain and hydraulics coverage.
  • Premier – This is our highest level of coverage. It includes all aspects of Powertrain, Hydraulics, and Technology coverage and adds even more components in the engine, steering and suspension, electronics, braking, and cab systems.

Are Equipment Protection Plans Available for Used Equipment?

Customers can purchase EPP with a used machine. Used machines must pass a Carter Machinery inspection and meet age and hour limits to be eligible. It is important to note that EPP protects for defects in Cat® material and manufacturer workmanship, or any other Cat approved replacement part. Wear-out and/or deterioration of any component are not covered by EPP.

The intent is not to restore the product to a “like new” condition, but rather to restore the product to its operating condition just prior to the covered failure.


A Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is the most convenient way to get genuine Cat® parts for a machine. Customers get the right parts, delivered right on time, to the right place.

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