Track Excavator Rentals

Dig with more power, lift higher, and reach further when you rent an excavator from one of Carter Rental’s locations. The adaptability of track excavators allow the use of different attachments depending on the industry and application. Contact a Carter Rental representative or visit our online rental store to get a quote on a track excavator today.


A Cat Track Excavator

Track Excavators Available for Rent:

ModelWeightDigging Depth
Cat 300.92,061 lbs.5′ 8″
Cat 3014,222 lbs.8′ 4″
Cat 3026,283 lbs.8′ 8″
Cat 3037,817 lbs.9′ 8″
Cat 3049,867 lbs.11′ 6″
Cat 30511,443 lbs.12′
Cat 30615,766 lbs.13′ 6″
Cat 307.517,905 lbs.13′ 6″
Cat 30820,077 lbs.15′ 3″
Cat 30921,091 lbs.15′ 3″
Cat 31022,451 lbs.17′ 10″
Cat 31128,660 lbs.18′ 4″
Cat 31233,080 lbs.19′ 9″
Cat 31330,400 lbs.19′ 9″
Cat 31534,000 lbs.19′ 6″
Cat 31639,029 lbs.21′ 7″
Cat 31839,463 lbs.21′ 7″
Cat 32050,265 lbs.22′
Cat 32356,200 lbs.22′
Cat 32549,604 lbs.22′
Cat 32657,100 lbs.22′ 4″
Cat 33064,500 lbs.23′
Cat 33583,000 lbs.24′
Cat 33687,000 lbs.26′
Cat 349110,000 lbs.26′

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