Prevent Irrigation System Damage This Winter

The irrigation system that provides your lawn, nursery, or crops with life-sustaining water throughout the growing season is susceptible to significant winter damage if all the water isn’t removed from the complex network of under- and above-ground pipes and hoses before temperatures fall below freezing. And, contrary to popular belief, simply “winterizing” the system by turning off the water supply and wrapping exterior pipes won’t necessarily prevent the costly damage that occurs if the system is allowed to freeze. Instead, the preferred method to prepare an irrigation system for winter is to use a portable air compressor to force air into the system and water out through the sprinkler heads until the system is dry.

Blowing out the system – while it may sound easy – is a job best left to professionals who have experience servicing irrigation systems and are accustomed to working with compressed air. Too much air pressure can damage irrigation system components, and the high-pressures generated by the compressor can cause physical injuries if it isn’t used properly.

Most landscaping companies offer irrigation system blowouts as an annual maintenance service when the growing season ends, and they typically use rented, professional air compressors. One example from industry leader Sullair is their Diesel Portable Air Compressor. It’s easily towed behind a vehicle from jobsite to jobsite and powered reliably by a Cat® C2.2 Industrial Diesel Engine. 

“At this time of year, we’re seeing a lot of demand for compressor rentals,” explains Carter Rental’s Matt Pierce. “Just last month, we had more than 20 units rented specifically for irrigation system blowouts. We have a large fleet of Sullair compressors and will work with you to ensure you get the right machine matched to your specific needs. Sullair compressors at Carter Rental feature Cat’s C2.2 diesel engine which delivers impressive performance throughout a wide speed range, and its ultra-compact design makes it ideal for off-road applications.”

Because most irrigation system blowouts occur around the same time as freezing temperatures spread across the country from north to south, it’s recommended that reservations for air compressor rentals are made well in advance. Contact a Carter Rental Representative at 888.344.RENT (Click to Call) or by submitting an online request to start your reservation today.