What To Consider Before You Buy Used Equipment

When you’re looking to add to or extend the life of your fleet of machinery, there are many considerations to make when buying used equipment.

Your budget, business needs and future plans are all determining factors to consider. That’s why Carter Machinery has a variety of options for companies to choose from when looking for used equipment.

Carter Certified Program

We offer Carter Certified equipment, which is like-new, low-hour machinery. Most items have less than 1,000 hours of use.

  • Affordable: Budget-friendly pricing plus 3.9% financing for 36 months or 4.5% for 48 months
  • Maintained: All inventory meets strict Carter maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Guaranteed: Minimum 12-month, 1,000-hour Powertrain Hydraulic Warranty

Rebuild and Re-use

If your equipment seems to be on its last leg, you can go one of three routes: buy new, buy used, or rebuild your current machines.  

New equipment is fantastic, but is the most costly option. Choosing to buy used equipment is a less expensive option, but maintenance records and remaining lifespan is usually uncertain.

Carter mechanics can rebuild your equipment to make it run like new at a fraction of the cost. We take a close look at each part of your equipment, upgrading software and engineering components to make it run efficiently. This will extend your machine’s lifespan and may even have it run better than when you bought it.

We offer service for all makes and models of equipment and perform preventative maintenance, electric diagnosis and many types of repairs. For equipment that breaks down on the job, we have 200 fully equipped trucks available for 24/7 service calls.

Used and Reconditioned Parts

Carter offers everything you need when it comes to parts, whether you’re looking for new, used or something in between.

Our used and remanufactured parts meet Carter’s quality standards, undergoing our reconditioning process.

If you are looking to buy used equipment or repair or rebuild current machinery, give us a call at 800-868-4228 or contact us online.