Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. Teamwork.

What does “I am Carter” mean? It means expecting the very best from ourselves, our co-workers and our company.

When we say, “I am Carter,”  we mean that we go the extra mile for our customers, driven by the desire to make sure the job is done right. It means we’re constantly striving to be the most professional, courteous, efficient and reliable employees we can be, never forgetting the importance of safety, education and collaboration in our daily responsibilities. When you say, “I am Carter,” you’re saying you don’t accept the status quo. You’re saying you’re the best at what you do – because we demand it of ourselves, and each other.


  • Value: We create value for customers and Carter.
  • Lean: We strive for continuous improvement to become more efficient.
  • Innovate: We serve customers better through digital, technology and data.
  • Collaborate: We work as a team to serve customers.
  • Speed: We act with a high sense of urgency.
  • Deliver: We deliver what customers want when they need it.


  • Safe: We make safety a top priority- safely home, everyone, every day.
  • Learn: We continuously pursue personal growth and development.
  • Teach: We seize every opportunity to grow the knowledge of team Carter.
  • Build: We develop and deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs.
  • Improve: We never accept the status quo.
  • Serve: We ensure our customers feel appreciated when doing business with Carter.