Why Cooperative Purchasing?

Speed and cost control are two important ways cooperative contracts can help solve your procurement challenges, but there are even more good reasons to buy equipment this way. Your cooperative purchasing contract covers your equipment needs across an array of industries, from Rentals and Marine, to Technology Services, repairs, and more. Learn more about how cooperative purchasing improves your bottom line.

8 Things Covered By Sourcewell

Choose Quality

  • Get access to assets that deliver the lowest total cost over their lifecycle.

Save Time

  • Improve procurement effciency so you can put new equipment to work faster.

Control Costs

  • Don’t spend valuable budget dollars soliciting bids, reviewing proposals, and awarding contracts.

Do More With Fewer People

  • Leverage the work done by others, and let your staff handle more pressing priorities.

Manage Risk

  • Avoid unexpected repair costs and other budget surprises that may arise when you buy low-bid options.

Get Local Support

  • Keep your fleet running reliably with support from Carter.

Contracts Available

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) 

On June 6, 2018, NJPA became Sourcewell as part of a strategy to improve the member experience and better provide the solutions you need. Sourcewell continues to o ffer current members the contracts and agreements they entered into with the National Joint Powers Alliance, which will continue in effect without impact.

Cat’s partnership with Sourcewell delivers on our commitment to the industry and the ultimate goal of helping you buy with confidence. We are pleased to offer these contracts as a solution to organizations that continually look for more effective ways to do business.

National IPA

National IPA is a cooperative purchasing organization, established with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume. 

Backed by an industry leading dealer network, you can be confident that your local dollars will be used where they are needed most. There is no fee to participate.

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