How Cab Technology Maximizes Productivity

Timelines are tight. Projects are demanding. Your crew needs to work at the highest possible level to meet deadlines, maintain quality, and push productivity even further. 

Built-in technology for dozers and loaders can greatly assist construction teams in many different situations and conditions. Through features that handle power management, powertrain operation, load-sensing controls, and even electric snubbing, these evolving in-cab technologies increase your effectiveness and speed up results. 

To explore the technologies that enhance loaders and dozers most with their programmable controls, contact your Carter rep and schedule a demo on one of our machines. You’ll experience first-hand all the advancements that will allow you to get the most out of your machine.

Boosted Functions with Loader Technology

When you employ technology features for loaders, you’ll have the ability to improve the way they operate directly from the cab. In a few clicks, you can make substantial adjustments that will boost your loader’s abilities and efficiency. 

  • Power management systems monitor power availability and operator input, allowing you to choose the mode that will optimize fuel consumption and boost power.
  • Load-sensing controls analyze job demands as well as adjust pressure and flow at the operator’s discretion.
  • Electronic snubbing uses precise sensing to protect arm and bucket movements, reducing stress on machines and operators.
  • Powertrain operation modes add custom performance by optimizing load and carry types, as well as digging and truck loading. 
  • In-cab kick outs simplify and automate repetitive tasks for operators who program lifting, tilting, and lowering as needed. 

Improved Accuracy for Dozer Operators

Dozer operators are often faced with unpredictable and difficult slope changes that can cause serious issues, like flooding. Even experienced operators benefit from in-cab technologies that add control and precision.

  • GPS grade controls monitor the slope of blades so that machines can automatically adjust without operator involvement. 
  • Automatic traction controls reduce slippage and conserve fuel when power to the tracks needs adjustment, improving stability.
  • Blade controls reduce operator fatigue by smoothing out machine movements, without the expense of GPS or laser receivers.
  • Adjustable pitch features for blades can change the precision of the machine through hydraulic adjustment of carrying and penetration.

Boost Performance with In-Cab Technology

In-cab technology provides many benefits to your operators through automation, monitoring, and fine adjustment. When you purchase a machine from Carter Machinery that employs these advanced technologies, you’ll also enjoy lower interest rates and the unparalleled support that only Carter can deliver.

See new, available loaders and dozers with built-in technologies that will boost your productivity while maintaining your quality standards.