Lights & Accessories

On every jobsite, it’s just as important to effectively see everything in your surroundings as it is to be seen by others. We stock the complete line of Cat® serviceable lights and accessories, including LED, HID, and Halogen lights for all your workplace, machine, and truck lighting needs. In addition to being heavy-duty and offering long life and low maintenance costs, consider these additional advantages that come with Cat lights:

  • Designed to withstand extreme environments
  • 12-volt LED light technology increases machine up-time and delivers brighter light output than incandescent lights
  • HID lights increase machine and operator productivity, resist vibration and shock, use less power consumption, and last six to 10 times longer than halogen
  • Halogen lights are shock-resistant for improved bulb life, environmentally sealed, and meet Cat design specs for resistance to water spray and vibration