Seals & O-Rings

Cat® O-rings or “toric joints” are the industry’s best mechanical gaskets simply because they have to be. These inexpensive, reliable O-rings prevent fluid contamination while delivering long, leak-free performance under the most demanding jobsite conditions. Whether it’s for a Cat machine or power system, we have more than 2,500 O-rings in stock, along with money-saving O-Ring Seal Kits and Re-sealable O-Ring Packages. You can have confidence in Cat O-rings’ performance knowing that they:

  • Meet or exceed SAE standards
  • Match your Cat system’s different fluid types, temperatures, and pressures
  • Provide superior resistance to compression set
  • Feature special dimensional tolerances and coatings for improved installation and performance
  • Utilize the Cat logo and part number for easy identification and counterfeit protection