Because turnaround time is a focus for our customers, it’s a focus for us. We now have the ability to chrome hydraulic cylinder rods in our chrome shop so we can get your machine back up and running.

The process begins when the existing chrome is removed in the stripping tank. The rod is then inspected. If there are any welding needs or deep scratches are identified and repaired by our welding and machine shop. The chrome will be applied directly to the base material after it goes through the reverse etching process. This opens the pores at a microscopic level, so the chrome can adhere to that rod.

Once the rod has been prepped, it is ready for the chroming tank. Once the technician has measured and confirmed that the right amount of chrome has been applied consistently throughout the rod, it can be delivered back to our hydraulic shop. There it will be reassembled and tested before it is brought back to the customer.

A Carter Cat working on chroming a piece of equipment