Fuel Analysis

Fuel quality can be a key indicator of the overall health of your system. Using poor-quality fuel can have detrimental effects on how your equipment performs – from abnormal wear of components, valves, valve guides, piston rings, and more. Beyond performance, equipment owners are increasingly realizing the value of regular fuel analysis when it comes to meeting emissions requirements.

Carter Machinery offers several levels of fuel analysis packages. Whether you require a basic test or a comprehensive report that meets governmental regulations, we have you covered. In addition to accurate reporting, our team provides actionable, expert analysis that you can count on.

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Fuel Testing Kits

Not only do we test your fuel, but we have kits for you to collect it yourself. Our packages give you everything you need to take a successful sample so that we can test it effectively in our lab.

Fuel Polishing

Today’s fuel injection systems and electronic unit injectors operate at very high pressures and tight tolerances. Water and contaminants present in your fuel can destroy these critical components in no time. If this is a problem for you in your diesel engine, fuel polishing may be the solution.

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Our Packages and offerings


The Vital fuel test package is designed to be an economical introductory fuel kit that gives the bare essentials of your fuel condition. It answers the most common questions about your fuel – bacterial fungal contamination, water content, flash point, and particle count. Abnormal results in the Vital tests may indicate the need to run one of our other test packages to help pinpoint the problem so it can be corrected.


Designed for speed, our Emergency testing service is the fastest way to get the critical analysis you need. Our knowledgeable team will deliver your results one business day after receiving your samples. Whether you are preparing for a last-minute inspection or have a machine down, we have you covered.


As the name suggests, our Comprehensive service is a complete, detailed analysis of your fuel. From health to performance to contamination, Comprehensive service covers it all with clear, meticulous documentation. Whether you need all-inclusive fuel reports for auditing purposes or simply want to make sure you have the most complete understanding of your tanks, Comprehensive service is the right choice for you.


The Basic service expands on the Vital test kit to include other important fuel parameters such as percent biofuel content and sulfur levels. Quick and easy, the Basic service will let you know what’s in your tank. If you are curious about fuel maintenance or simply want to ensure your tanks are safe, the Basic service is right for you.


Our Advanced service is all about performance. More than just the critical information you need to keep your tanks functioning properly, our Advanced service will explain the environmental characteristics of your fuel and help you understand how to get the most from it. The Advanced service will provide a thorough analysis and interpretation of your fuel and help take your fuel maintenance program to the next level.

Service Comparison

Dissolved Water by K.F.XXXXX
FAME % BiofuelXXXX
Flash PointXXXXX
Particle CountXXXXX
Picture VisualXXXXX
Sediment & VisualXXXX
Microbial GrowthXXXX
Wear Materials (as-needed)XXX
API GravityXX
Cetane IndexXX
Cloud PointXX
Distillation, 10% RecoveryXX
Distillation, 50% RecoveryXX
Distillation, 90% RecoveryXX
Distillation, End PointXX
Distillation, IBPXX
Kinematic ViscosityX
Particle QuantifierX
pH of Particle Free WaterX
Pour PointX
Simulated Cold Filter PlugX