Compaction Equipment Rentals

Uniform ground compaction is crucial at the beginning of road building and foundation projects. For these applications, quality compaction equipment makes all the difference in keeping projects on schedule. We carry an array of plate, rolling, and vibratory compactors with different sizes and configurations such as rammers, ride-on rollers, and walk-behind rollers.


Handheld Compactor

Small Compactors Available for Rent:

TypeWeightWeight of Impact
Plate Compactor194 lbs.3,350 lbs.
Reversible Plate331 lbs.6,620 lbs.
Rammer152 lbs.3,200 lbs.
Trench Roller3,247 lbs.15,400 lbs.
RD-12 Ride on Vibratory Compactor2,171 lbs.6,800 lbs.

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