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Small Compactors Available for Rent:

Model   Weight    Impact
Rammer   152 lbs.    3,200 lbs.
One-Way Plate Compactor   194 lbs.    3,350 lbs.
Reversible Plate Compactor   331 lbs.    6,620 lbs.
Trench Roller   3,247 lbs.    15,400 lbs.
Wacker RD12 Ride-On Vibratory Roller   2,171 lbs.    6,800 lb

Small compactors available for rent can include vibratory, plate, walk behind, tow behind or other varieties that you need for your compacting job. They’re ideal for compacting a wide range of materials, including sand, dirt, rock and asphalt. Vibrations per minute and maximum shock force will vary from machine to machine.

When faced with compacting materials in supply line trenches, small compactors available for rent are the perfect solution because of their smaller head that allows you to work in tight spaces. Confined spaces and tight spots are also where reversible plate compactors prove their worth because of their reversing ability.

At Carter Machinery, we also rent generators, pumps and skid steers, in addition to many different small compactors.

In addition to telehandlers, Carter Machinery also rents air compressors, generators and skid steers. Contact us today for all of your construction equipment needs because we have what you are looking for.

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