Underground Mining Equipment Parts

Carter Machinery is currently divesting our inventory of underground mining parts. Most parts are located in our stores in southwestern Virginia and West Virginia, but we can arrange shipping worldwide. The list provided below is intended to be representative of our current stock at list prices, but is not updated in real-time. For current availability and pricing, please contact us.

Drill – Rotary Track

1168532Drill - Rotary TrackBLOCK,PL,.37x10.501$106.95
1178744Drill - Rotary TrackGIB KEY1$688.26
1396068Drill - Rotary TrackKIT,CAPACITOR,BUS 1$111.54
1405155Drill - Rotary TrackCHAN,C4x6.25LBx32.6$198.50
1416514Drill - Rotary TrackTUBE,TS,3x2x.19Wx81$100.32
1452949Drill - Rotary TrackWASHER-LOCK3$3.37
1649422Drill - Rotary TrackBEAM,ARCH,WELDED 2Call
4828138Drill - Rotary TrackBRACE RH1$241.92

Content last updated on: 5/12/2022