Underground Mining Equipment Parts

Carter Machinery is currently divesting our inventory of underground mining parts. Most parts are located in our stores in southwestern Virginia and West Virginia, but we can arrange shipping worldwide. The list provided below is intended to be representative of our current stock at list prices, but is not updated in real-time. For current availability and pricing, please contact us.

Roof Support

1060325Roof SupportPMC INTEL CODE PLU2$731.44
1069640Roof SupportPMC INTEL CODE PLU1$476.96
107778Roof SupportFILTER(DN10 IN-LIN2$257.64
108686Roof SupportWASHER,VALVE 7$5.73
111625-SRRoof SupportVALVE(4/3-WAY) V-11$1.00
114544Roof SupportCABLE(BLUE)HIR9/BA3$58.40
126546Roof SupportHEX HEAD SCREW ISO27$1.14
126563Roof SupportHEX HEAD SCREW ISO43$0.93
126995Roof SupportNUT,HEX,DIN 934-M 4$0.93
127001Roof SupportHEX.NUT DIN 934-M30$0.71
127330Roof SupportWASHER(SPRING) EWN11$0.93
127829Roof SupportO-RING DIN 3771-5X68$0.98
128182Roof SupportLOCKING CLIP EWN 662$1.76
128195Roof SupportGAUGE,PRESSURE,GLY2$101.62
131364Roof SupportCAP,MUSHROOM,RED 6$4.55
131365Roof SupportCAP,MUSHROOM,BLACK20$4.55
133725Roof SupportHEX.NUT DIN 985-M82$1.17
134209Roof SupportDOUBLE NIPPLE DN 215$64.84
144183Roof SupportPIN-58/65MM DIA X4$107.04
1515402Roof SupportSTAPLE DN 40 - D-F6$23.45
1633631Roof SupportSTAPLE DN 20-SSO -185$14.52
164246Roof SupportREED ROD RETAINING1$70.07
268772-SRRoof SupportVALVE,YIELD,420 BA1$1.00
284112-SRRoof SupportCONTROL UNIT,PM4 C1$1.00
284576Roof SupportCONTROL VALVE CART1$218.61
302074-SRRoof SupportVALVE,YIELD,450 BA2$1.00
308405Roof SupportCHECK VALVE DN102$211.48
311175Roof SupportSCREW PLUG M 8X11$8.20
322154Roof SupportSCREW(GRUB)-M1052$6.51
327247Roof SupportCOUPPLER POTCON V11$866.19
329033Roof SupportPRESSURE RELIEF VA5$182.29
338383Roof SupportCYLINDER BEARING W1$1,407.69
341576Roof SupportVALVE,YIELD,520 BA2$270.80
343457Roof SupportCAP SCREW DIN 798426$2.05
345288Roof SupportCHECK VALVE, HYDR.5$330.65
351457-SRRoof SupportCONTROL UNIT1$1.00
354311Roof SupportSETSCREW(DOG-PT)IS1$1.78
359864Roof SupportSPEED SENSOR F/CST5$261.11
367667Roof SupportBOLT(HH) ISO 4014-21$3.61
385323Roof SupportVALVE CARTRIDGE12$434.41
389272Roof SupportSKK 24 FB-OS-4T 155$174.09
4436265Roof SupportPLUG-IN SOCKET DN17$28.67
4604643Roof SupportTISSUE BURST PROTE16$39.86
643067Roof SupportCOVER, PMC-R BRACK12$46.42
658493Roof Supportstud bolt32$10.79
662962Roof SupportHEX HEAD SCREW ISO59$0.96
663369Roof SupportPLUG-IN ELBOW LUMB1$110.94
696024Roof SupportRETAINING RING1$1,954.77
718908Roof SupportPIN,28MM DIA X 1385$52.89
738563Roof SupportVALVE2$750.00
764370Roof SupportHEX.HEAD SCREW ISO40$3.15
772899Roof SupportCOUPLER 2XSKK2122$276.08
848202Roof SupportBRACKET FOR SHIELD12$84.77
891091Roof SupportBRACKET FOR E.H. C2$380.65

Content last updated on: 5/12/2022