Warehouse (45 Years)

Donnie working in the shop

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What do you do here at Carter? 

I work in the Warehouse, primarily taking care of military orders. I take the big orders, check and make sure the parts are all there, and then complete the orders and ship them out.  

Explain your path to your current job. 

I started here at Carter in 1974. I used to be a mechanic in Used Parts. I worked at that position for about 5 or 6 years, went on to the Recon area and did engine overhauls, and then went to the tractor shop and did complete overhauls on the D8K machines that work in the mines.  After Recon, they needed a truck mechanic for the on-highway trucks, and I’d work inside the shop and on the road. Eventually, I became a field technician, working strictly on forklifts. I then transferred over to the Warehouse and I’ve been here ever since. 

Why did you want to work for Carter? 

It all started with my cousin. I was 10 years old when he introduced me to Cat equipment. He put me up there on the machine and I started pushing dirt with him. I always loved that Cat equipment. I was raised on a farm, and when I was a kid, we only had horses to do the dirt pushing – that or we used a pick and a shovel to dig ditches. So when I saw the big equipment, I was amazed. I guess my love for big machines started then. My cousin dealt with Carter and encouraged me to work here. I took a job and decided to take auto mechanic night courses at Burton. I figured there is a right way and a wrong way to work on things – I wanted to do it the right way.  

Were you always mechanically inclined? 

My dad always said I was. All we had back then was a pair of pliers, screwdriver, a hammer, and baling wire, but we always figured out a way to get the job done.  

Why did you decide to stay here for so long? 

The people. This is like home to me. It’s unreal how nice people were back when I started – that kindness remains to this day. They were taught to be that way by Mr. Carter. He taught respect. He was an extremely great guy – he told you how he felt about things, and he always spoke the truth. I respected that. I got along with him great. But the people are the reason I enjoy coming to work every day. We work together here. Everyone is willing to help you out, and it’s a team atmosphere. I also really like heavy equipment, and I was raised to believe that Cat equipment is #1.  Because of that, getting to work here was a big deal. They offered great pay and a lot of training. I don’t care how much you know, there’s always more to learn. I didn’t have a lot of background with heavy equipment, but they had training and taught me a lot.

What’s something you do when not working at Carter? 

I raise horses – Mustangs specifically. I get them through the government, and you have to qualify in order to get them. I’ve always loved horses and wanted to raise them from a young age. I love spending time with my horses and I also enjoy riding my motorcycle.